The Bombus Mission

To act as an advocate for your child to secure a safe,
meaningful and appropriate educational program.

Jocelyn Trapani - About

The Impetus of Bombus

Every summer the boys and I pack up and go camping for the week.

Okay, full disclosure it is absolutely glamping. But, I do cook EVERY meal on the fire from pancakes to hamburgers.

After our very dirty, but fun trips we stop in a large field on our way back home. We talk about something special that each one of them did while we were camping, and how it felt to be kind, and why that is important. One year, I could not resist and broke the tradition by placing in their little hands a small metal, black and yellow bumblebee.

I then read the attached notecard titled, “The Bumble Bee Cannot Fly”.

It is true. According to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumblebee should not be able to fly. A bumble bee’s body is super big, and compared to his paper-thin wings, he should not be able to take flight. But every day millions of bumblebees soar. Why?

Because no one told the bumblebee that he can’t fly.

My Story

Why Advocacy

Bombus Services

The word Bombus is derived from New Latin, from the phrase ‘genus Bombus’, which means a family of bumble bees.  Naming my advocacy after the Bombus is my perfect way to honor such an amazing creature… and what an inspiring example for our children.

We should all be as determined and fearless as the Bombus.

~ Jocelyn Trapani